The Singaporean lifestyle app founded in 2014 has set clear values for its consumers to understand its mission in the world

WisePass is focused on how to help our subscribers to be more fulfilled in their lives

WisePass technology is designed to benefit humankind

The vision statement of WisePass is to enable every human being reach the highest level of fulfillment through technology

At WisePass, we follow the principle of minimalism and believe that in order to have a satisfying life, it requires from each of us to set a purpose and gear towards it.

Too many times, we have distractions around us leaving eventually little time to what truly makes us happy and that is something we can’t afford to waste.


Everyone is falling in love and everyone ( or most of us ) has certainly experienced a breakup. In this article, we’re wondering what’s driving a relationship to break up

It’s the year 2021 and we’re now having another year starting with a pandemic that keeps affecting the whole world but we managed somewhat within a year to find a cure and maybe get back to normal life.

During that time, we had time to sit down to reflect on human relationships with our friends and family members. …

The online travel platform has released their financials for the the second quarter over the year and has shown the impact of the pandemic in a very measurable way

On August 6th 2020, the company has released their numbers and you can click here to look up for the source.

The company has reported a drop in revenue for the 2nd quarter of the year 2020 from 3.85 billion dollars to 0.63 billion dollars. …

The year 2020 is not over yet and global hospitality groups have reported their earnings with their shareholders and it doesn’t look good at all

The Accor Group has posted 1.5 billion Euros net loss for H1 2020

During the first 6 months of 2020, Accor posted a loss of 1.5 billion Euros net income and had to take some measures to reduce its staff by 1,000 people according to Reuters.

It’s quite usual for brands to launch some trial campaigns whenever they launch a new product.

Digital transformation is a daunting challenge for many brands within the next 10 years

The way it is being done today has remained very labor-intensive. It’s also usually lacking a data collection set up behind to re-engage consumers.

With WisePass, brands are able to reach consumers that have tried the products or services they fed to the network. By doing such things, brands are able to build up a relevant consumer base that enables them to send the right message subsequently for other branding activities.

On June 20th, 2020, WisePass has started a webinar where the…

The Singaporean lifestyle app has started in October 2014 and has rapidly evolved since then, what are the news?

In October 2014, the research of the founder and now CEO Lam Tran has led to found this company that we are calling WisePass today.

What led the company to start in October 2014 and how does the company look like today?

WisePass found its market fit through the alcohol business in August 2016

Origin story

The company started in 2014 with the goal to create a genuine relationship between brands consumers. With such mission, the main challenge was to build a consumer product that could find a proper market fit.

Market Fit

In August…

In the data world, some new words pop up and it will be hard to understand if you don’t have the necessary foundation, this article is jumping in the definition of the data type that brands can use to target their potential consumers

What is a first party data?

First party data is simply information your brand collects from your audience. It can be an email or a phone number. For example, it’s the information that users will provide when they sign up on your app or website.

Who collects the data : You
Who owns the data: You
What do you collect : email, phone number, name…

In the second part of this article on Data Collection, we will focus on how to collect data, especially through APIs

WisePass is focused on building an integrated platform for brands to interact with their consumers

In the previous article, our focus was to discuss on how data collection shall serve a clear purpose. When the purpose is clear, the second step is to ensure the way data is collected enables brands to make strategic decisions on the long run

At WisePass, what we do is to collect within a single framework information from multiple sources for brands to monitor the performance of their branding activities. …

Data collection has been quite a controversial topic, especially with the Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened to Facebook. For brands, it’s a necessary step for better relevance to the consumers and that’s what we’re going to talk about

First, let’s define data collection. Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables one to proceed to the next steps to reach a specific objective.

On top of that, it’s necessary that we’re talking about data that is accessible online and easy to process. …

Digital transformation is a term that is way too many times coined by different people without much substance, in this article we will aim at defining clearly what digital transformation means for WisePass

On January 22nd, 2020, Amit Zavery the VP Engineering of Google Cloud has released an article on Forbes with the following title: Digital Transformation Isn’t A Project, It’s A Way Of Operating.

We shall simply define what digital transformation first before we dig deeper. Amit has put it in a way we wouldn’t be able to define better, the best is to quote him :

At least…


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